The Impact of Brain Function on the Concept of Criminality

Key Note September 11, 2009

Dr. Bennett is Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Sydney, and Scientific Director of the Brain & Mind Research Institute and holds a University Chair awarded for research ‘recognized internationally as of exceptional distinction’. He graduated in Electrical Engineering and did his doctoral research in Zoology at Melbourne University before turning to the brain sciences and being appointed to the second Personal Chair at Sydney University, after Lord May.

Professor Bennett’s books and research papers are concerned with research on the formation and function of synaptic connections between cells in the brain, on the history and philosophy of the brain sciences, and on science policy. His most recent books include Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience, and History of Cognitive Neuroscience, both of which he coauthored with Peter Hacker, and Neuroscience and Philosophy: Brain, Mind, and Language, written with Peter Hacker, Daniel Dennett, and John Searle.


  • Maxwell R. Bennett


  • Friday, September 11, 2009