The Deeper Self: An Expanded View of Consciousness

Panel Discussion February 15, 2017

As science continues to explore the mysteries of the unconscious, two critical questions remain: first, can unconscious impulses, desires, and feelings be willfully raised to the level of the conscious self? And, if so, would the unveiling of unconscious mechanisms lead to genuine self-knowledge or empowerment? Second, can we methodically tap into the unconscious to gear ourselves along more creative lines? If the unconscious is a source of intuitive and creative inspiration, how might a more expansive understanding of consciousness help us to flourish? How can we harness the intuitive (“right brain”) parts of ourselves to think “outside the box,” transcending the limitations of preconceived categories? And along those same lines, how would an expanded view of the unconscious frame our spiritual experiences or offer spiritual nourishment? A panel of distinguished experts tackles everything from the varieties of noetic experience and the role of intuition to the phenomenon of peak experience and Jung’s concept of the “collective unconscious.”


  • Steve Paulson Journalist and Executive Producer, TTBOOK
  • Siri Hustvedt Lecturer in Psychiatry, Weill Medical School
  • Sonu Shamdasani Professor, University College London
  • Mark Solms Professor of Neuropsychology, University of Cape Town


  • Wednesday, February 15, 2017
  • 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • The New York Academy of Sciences
    7 World Trade Center, 250 Greenwich Street, 40th Floor


This volume brings together leading scientists and scholars to probe the vast and mysterious realm of the unconscious through a mix of disciplinary perspectives.

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About This Series

This event is part of the Unlocking the Unconscious: Exploring the Undiscovered Self series, which brings together leading scientists and scholars to probe the realm of the unconscious mind through a mix of disciplinary approaches, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology and psychotherapy.



  • Jung's Technique of Active Imagination Feb 15, 2017 02:48 58417
  • Creativity and the Unconscious Mind Feb 15, 2017 03:26 2608
  • The Unconscious: Freud vs Jung Feb 15, 2017 02:43 5928
  • How Can You Access the Unconscious? Feb 15, 2017 03:27 13734
  • What is the Unconscious Mind? Feb 15, 2017 04:26 17088
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