Temps i Espai (Time and Space)

An Exhibition by Miquel Solis and Marta Duran April 27, 2007

Though “Time and Space” represent two concepts that have taken on a multitude of interpretations throughout history, ranging from the two basic categories of human beings, according to Harvey, to merely being an illusion as Berkley has claimed, Miquel Solis’s special conception of time and space is more closely aligned with Kant’s perspective, in which time and space are the dimensions used by human beings to understand their complex reality, their environment, and the reflection of their actions.

Born in Girona, this original and renowned Spanish painter brings his own unique style to the canvas, combining serenity, harmony, and emotion without restricting himself to the confines of any particular technique or form. Capturing Picasso’s modernity, Velazquez’s figures, Goya’s strengths, Sorolla’s luminosity, and Mir’s landscaping, Solís expresses the depths of his inner being through a masterful display of light, color, and poetry that invokes his previous experiences while concurrently reflecting his present state of mind.

In contrast to Solis’s works, Marta Duran’s breathtaking impressionist-based paintings combine beautiful shades of magical color to present soothing and penetrating portraits of natural landscapes, with a singular style that is at once bold, insightful, and vigorous.

Location: The Nour Foundation Gallery
322 West 108th Street, New York, NY