Revitalizing the Self: A Seminar on Energizing Mind, Body & Soul

Two-Day Workshop February 4, 2006

Revitalizing the Self is a special two-day workshop aimed at discovering and tapping into the unlimited power of the mind-body connection in order to achieve a more successful, balanced, and holistic approach to life.

Examining the complex relationship between mind, body and soul, the workshop will demonstrate how to overcome various imbalances that quench our energy and motivation and instead realign these three facets of the self in a manner that allows us to achieve a state of sustainable equilibrium that facilitates an overall sense of health and well-being.

Uncovering the interconnections between body, mind and soul from a physiological, psychological, and spiritual perspective, the workshop will feature a series of pragmatic techniques and useful exercises that empower us with a greater sense of personal control and responsibility for our own well-being. The interactive program will include in-depth discussions about clinical and educational issues in using a mind-body approach to life, as well as invaluable tips and information on how to incorporate this unique approach into our daily lives.

Hilton Long Beach Hotel
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
Hilton Vancouver Metrotown