Realizing Your Dreams: The Power of Self-Perception

A Motivational Talk by Paula White January 27, 2006

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts we have been given is the ability to see beyond our present state—in other words, the gift to dream. As long as we’re alive, there resides within each of us a special dream. We may not label it as such, but there is a dream or vision permeating within us that is centered on fulfilling our divine destiny and touching the lives of those around us in a meaningful, beneficial way. No one can see or define this dream but us. The Source has entrusted each of us with our own dream, but it is our responsibility to realize this dream and to bring it to fruition; all we have to do is choose to embrace it. And embracing our dream starts with changing our minds and adjusting our self-perception: changing that which thinks, feels, wills, and desires within us; that which conjures up our thoughts and deploys them into action; that which takes us from the intangible to the tangible, from the abstract to reality, and from thought to experience. Motivational speaker, author, and life coach Paula White will show us how to embrace our dreams and to transform them into a daily reality.

Voted one of the most powerful women in the Tampa Bay area, Paula White is the Senior Pastor of the 22,000 plus congregation Without Walls International Church. Recently recognized by the Church Report Magazine as one of the most influential women in ministry, Paula brought her unique brand of talk television to a national audience in January 2002. Her fresh and direct approach immediately captivated the attention of the American audience as she tackled everyday issues from a spiritual perspective. In its first year, Paula White Today aired twice weekly, but quickly expanded into additional markets and networks due to popular demand. Now in its fourth year of production, Paula White Today enjoys an international audience, as the program is aired 62 times each week on 15 networks and can be seen on all 7 continents in 71 countries. Her vast international appeal and her ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds has made her a highly sought after speaker around the globe.

Location: Harvard Club, Cambridge Room
35 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036