A Life Unseen: A Legacy of One Woman’s Courage, Humanity & Insight

Special Tribute December 12, 2006

A simple and courageous woman who led by example, Malek Jân (1906-1993) devoted her entire life to the service of humanity and advocacy for the rights of oppressed woman and children. Notwithstanding her lack of sight and frail stature, and armed only with the strength of her character and the depth of her convictions, this remarkable woman peacefully overcame physical, cultural, political, and religious obstacles to transform an environment entrenched in prejudice and male-dominated tradition to one in which women were considered equals in every respect.

This special tribute, which celebrates the centennial of her birth, will feature women leaders from various sectors of the global community who, like Malek Jân, have significantly impacted the lives of those around them and beyond through their dedication, determination, and pioneering vision. In recognition of her lifelong work, the evening will revolve around discussions about the empowerment of women and the critical role of education and financial independence in advancing and improving the quality of their lives. There will also be a short video tribute and traditional musical performance celebrating her vibrant personality.

For more information please visit www.malakjan.com

Location: Asia Society
725 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021