What Happens When We Die

A Lecture and Booksigning by Dr. Sam Parnia

Dr. Sam Parnia faces death every day. Through his work as a critical-care doctor in a hospital emergency room, he became interested in his patients’ accounts of experiences that they had while clinically dead. After collecting these stories and reviewing the latest research, he decided to conduct his own experiments in the field, resulting in his extraordinary book What Happens When We Die, which picks up where Raymond Moody’s Life After Life left off. “Dr. Parnia’s experiments, and several others carried out independently into the state of human consciousness during cardiac arrest, suggest that the mind and consciousness may continue to function when the brain has stopped functioning and the clinical criteria of death have been met.” Written in a balanced and engaging style, Dr. Parnia’s book presents a powerful and compelling argument that may forever change the way you look at death and dying.

A graduate of Guys and St. Thomas’ medical schools in London, Dr. Parnia is currently a fellow in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York. The recipient of an honorary position as Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Southampton in the UK, where he heads the Consciousness Research Group, he is also a Specialist Registrar in Internal and Respiratory Medicine in the North West Thames Region in London. While working in the medical and coronary care units of Southampton General Hospitals, he set up the first ever study of near death experiences in the UK with Dr. Peter Fenwick, the results of which have received widespread coverage in the national and international press and were published in the medical journal “Resuscitation.”

Location: The Nour Foundation Gallery
322 West 108th Street, New York, NY 10025