The Paradox of Sound: The Art & Science of Music Perception

A Lecture by Kamran Fallahpour, PhD January 17, 2013

The creation and aesthetic appreciation of music as a universal art form can be traced in every culture throughout human history. Indeed, the infinite expression of sound has been used to effectively induce the whole spectrum of human emotions. Recent advances in cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging have now shed light on the complex mechanisms underlying the human brain’s remarkable capacity to create, experience, and react to music, providing us with a precious glimpse into the incredible power and paradox of sound.

Kamran Fallahpour, PhD, a clinical psychologist, neuroscientist, and musician, explores the art of music and the science of psychoacoustics—the study of sound perception—through the lens of neuroscience. In the process, he reveals the exciting possibilities and implications of utilizing music as a tool for promoting brain health, enhanced creativity, and peak states.

Location: The Nour Foundation Gallery
322 West 108th Street, New York, NY