KAMA: Reviving the Silk Road

Performance October 5, 2013

Drawing their inspiration from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean musical traditions, the members of KAMA share a passion for musical fusion and experimentation. On the occasion of their debut performance as a band, these established jazz musicians invite their listeners to embark on a colorful and original musical journey, from Seville to Cairo, Jerusalem to Delhi, Benares to Istanbul…

Sylvain Barou: Wooden Flute, Bansuri Flute
Multifaceted French musician versed in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian music.

Keyvan Chemirani: Zarb, Daf, Udu
Iranian percussionist who explores multiple bridges between the East, Africa, and contemporary jazz

Emmanuel H. During: Flamenco Guitar, Violin
French multi-instrumentalist versed in the fusion between flamenco, Balkan, and Middle Eastern music

Amir ElSaffar: Trumpet, Santur
Versatile Iraqi-American musician who combines oriental microtonal music and contemporary jazz

Mavrothi Kontanis: Oud, Fretless Guitar
Prolific Greek composer and singer, specializing in Greek and Turkish music

Location: The Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse, Samuel B. & David Rose Building
70 Lincoln Center Plaza, 165 West 65th Street, New York, New York 10023