A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy:
Linking Belief to Behavior

Moderated by Esther Sternberg, MD
National Institute of Mental Health

Simon Critchley, PhD, The New School for Social Research
Shaun Gallagher, PhD, University of Central Florida
V.V. Raman, PhD, Rochester Institute of Technology

Philosopher Simon Critchley, cognitive scientist Shaun Gallagher, and physicist V.V. Raman will survey how the Self is shaped by interactions with the environment, how free will, responsibility, and other traits emerge, and how character and virtue become targets for constructing the Self.

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A self-fulfilling prophecy: linking belief to behavior by Esther Sternberg
The self in the Cartesian brain by Shaun Gallagher
Free will and determinism in relation to the self by V. V. Raman

Thursday, April 28, 2011
7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
Reception to Follow
The New York Academy of Sciences
7 World Trade Center, 250 Greenwich Street, 40th Floor
This event is the fourth in a six-part series, Perspectives on the Self, which brings together experts from the sciences and the humanities for conversations on the evolving meaning and experience of the Self.