Truth and Tension in Science and Religion

An examination of the frameworks of science and religion that provides a multi-cultural view of how they affect our perception of the truth. “The Science/Religion dialogue has become quite vibrant over the last fifty years, but one could argue that it still suffers from three deficits: namely, the lack of a compelling overview, the lack of balance, and the lack of a senses of humor. All three of these needs are filled by Dr. Raman in this new book. With a sure hand he carries us to heights lofty enough to survey the entire field, both in its historical and current scope-not just from a Western viewpoint, but also with many trans-traditional notes. He also compensates for the unbalanced and all-too-frequent shrillness in the dialogue by gently pointing out both the foibles and strengths of both parties to the dialogue-and he is a great one to do it, with his formidable scientific background and his long appreciation of and participation in the religious impulse. And finally, the charming humor that pervades the book keeps the reader almost as well-grounded as Dr. Raman is. It is altogether a delightful and accurate and balanced overview of the field.” -Michael Cavanaugh, past president of The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science “Varadaraja V. Raman, scientist and scholar, presents issues in both science and religion competently, comprehensively, and congenially….A must-read for anybody who wants to find a way between the claims of the anti-religion scientists and the anti-science religious believers.” -Helmut Reich, Ph. D., Professor, Rutherford University