Sleep Talkin’ Man

Karen Slavick met Adam Lennard in 1991 on a Kibbutz in Israel, where he declared his love for her by passing out in her bed while he waited for her to return from a midnight swim. Understandably, she never forgot him. Over a decade later, they rekindled their romance and married—but then he fell asleep again, and all hell broke loose. Though he’s a romantic and mild-mannered Englishman by day, Adam quickly morphs into the uproariously foul-mouthed, vegetarian-hating, wildlife-obsessed character beloved by millions as Sleep Talkin’ Man. And Karen has the audio tapes to prove it. Sleep Talkin’ Man collects the best of his questionable wisdom along with tales from blog readers, and stories of how love can bloom—even when your beloved is a nocturnal maniac. By turns crude and charming, Sleep Talkin’ Man is a hilariously candid journey into one man’s dreamland.