About Time

The Big Bang is all but dead, and we do not yet know what will replace it. Our universe€™s €œbeginning€ is at an end. What does this have to do with us here on Earth? Our lives are about to be dramatically shaken again€”as altered as they were with the invention of the clock, the steam engine, the railroad, the radio and the Internet. In The End of the Beginning, Adam Frank explains how the texture of our lives changes along with our understanding of the universe€™s origin. Since we awoke to self-consciousness fifty thousand years ago, our lived experience of time€”from hunting and gathering to the development of agriculture to the industrial revolution to the invention of Outlook calendars€”has been transformed and rebuilt many times. But the latest theories in cosmology€” time with no beginning, parallel universes, eternal inflation€”are about to send us in a new direction. Time is both our grandest and most intimate conception