An Enchanting Evening With Ovissi

Exhibition January 11, 2002

With exhibitions spanning across the globe from Brazil to Japan, Europe, and the United States, Ovissi has firmly established himself as a brilliant and versatile international artist whose passionate work presents a unique blend of European, Persian, and contemporary art. A painter, sculptor, engraver, designer, and goldsmith, he has published over twelve books in Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Persian and English, and is the recipient of numerous international awards and prizes. His work is part of major museum collections such as the National Gallery of Athens, the New York University Art Museum, the Fine Art Museum of North Carolina, the Contemporary Art Museum of Madrid, and the National Museum of Oriental Art in Rome, and is included in over 300 private collections worldwide.

Ovissi blends ancient themes with modern technique; he is very much a post-modernist, finding beauty in many of its traditional sources and recreating it for all of us to see. He invites us to enter a magical world, delight ourselves there, and to return to our daily round, refreshed and at peace.

(Frank Getlein, Art Critic, Washington, D.C.)

Location: Nour Foundation Gallery, 322 West 108th Street, New York, NY 10025