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Past Conferences

Lance Becker, Stephan A. Mayer, and Sam Parnia highlight new discoveries in resuscitation science that are helping to bring back those on the brink of death.

Scienceline Intl. Bus. Times Psychology Today LiveScience


Christopher Comfort, Barbara Coombs Lee, Sam Shemie, and Mildred Z. Solomon weigh the legal, ethical, and social implications of lifesaving technologies on the lives of patients suspended between life and death

Psychology Today The Atlantic The Hastings Center


Peter Fenwick, Kevin Nelson, Mary Neal, and Sam Parnia discuss Recent "out of body" or "near death" experiences, and what can we learn from the transformative accounts of those who have nearly died?

Psychology Today CNN Epoch Times Spiegel


Jeffrey J. Kripal, Allan Kellehear, and Lani Leary share a multicultural perspective on death, dying, and what lies beyond.

Psychology Today The New York Times BBC