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Past Conferences

What, exactly, does it mean to be happy, and how can such happiness be sustained over the long-term? Can happiness be accurately gauged or measured? How does the paradoxical relationship between happiness and pleasure shape our quest to lead the good life?

Featuring: Kim Azzarelli, Darrin McMahon, and Barry Schwartz


Assuming a basic model or map of human nature is needed to navigate the road to the good life, what desires, tendencies, and aversions comprise our core nature? How has our evolutionary history shaped our moral impulses? Are we inherently good, or fundamentally flawed?

Featuring: Christian Miller, Heather Berlin, and Michael Shermer


What is wisdom, and how can it be attained? Is there an empirical relationship between wisdom and the cultivation of character, as Aristotle and others have argued?

Featuring: Philip Kitcher, Valerie Tiberius, and Lisa Feldman Barrett