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Past Conferences
Unlocking the Unconscious: Exploring the Undiscovered Self

Unlocking the Unconscious:
Exploring the Undiscovered Self

Annals of the NYAS, Vol. 1406

Bringing together leading scientists and scholars to probe the realm of the unconscious mind through a mix of disciplinary approaches, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology and psychotherapy.


What is the relationship between conscious awareness and the unconscious mind? Psychologist and psychoanalyst Efrat Ginot, psychiatrist George Makari and cognitive neuroscientist Heather Berlin join forces to shed light on the latest insights into the fascinating and still emerging science of the unconscious.


Where do our dreams originate from, and what do they tell us? Psychologists and sleep specialists Deirdre Leigh Barrett, Kelly Bulkeley, Rubin Naiman examine dreams from a variety of perspectives, including how they might be interpreted and even directed in some cases.


Writer Siri Hustvedt, psychologist Sonu Shamdasani, and neuropsychologist Mark Solms tackle everything from the varieties of noetic experience and the role of intuition to the phenomenon of peak experience and Jung’s concept of the “collective unconscious.”